Growth Materials

Get a hold of our Sunday Messages and its related resources (4Ws and Chronicles).

Each one of these materials is designed to answer different questions about life, yourself, and God. They are meant to help you navigate life with Jesus. Watch, read, listen, and grow more in your knowledge of Him as you grow closer to Him!

How can I know more about God?

Know more about Jesus, the Bible, and find God amid life’s toughest questions. 

What’s the best decision you’ve made in your life?

Most of us have made lots of wrong decisions in our lives. Find out what’s the best decision you can make today!

What does it mean to be saved?

Understand more about the Gospel of Christ, the assurance of our salvation, the work of the Holy Spirit, and what our new life in Him entails as we grow in our relationship with Him.

Who is the real Jesus?

Learn more about who Jesus is and how, in His death and resurrection, we have been cleansed from our sins and given the gift of eternal life — all in this series that studies the gospel of John.

Where is God in the midst of pain & suffering?

This world is full of pain and suffering that many people have been asking the question, “Where is God in all of this?” Unpack the answer to this resounding question in this GLC Apologetics class featuring Christian apologist, Dan Paterson from the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM).

Feeling lost?

Have you ever felt lost, not knowing where to go? Discover what it means to be found as Dan Paterson of RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) takes us through God’s answer to this question in this GLC Apologetics class.

Why is it so hard for me to change?

Mr. Alex Patricio goes through the questions of being, meaning, thinking, feeling, and doing; establishing the case for the necessity of God in the transformation of lives.

Which one is true: Creation or Evolution?

Join Ptr. Peter Tan-Chi, Ptr. Marty Ocaya, and Dr. David Wold in this two-part GLC Apologetics series that delves into an examination of two major world views, Biblical creation and the theory of evolution, and their implications in our lives.

Is the Bible really reliable?

Is there any historical evidence proving the validity of the Bible? Join Dr. Scott Carroll in this special GLC class which explores the archaeological and manuscript evidence supporting the Bible, including the most recent discoveries on the Dead Sea scrolls.

How do I live the Christian life?

What does it mean to have Jesus as Lord? Who is the Holy SpiritKnow what it means to be a Christian and know how to live a victorious life 

What does it mean for Jesus to be Lord?

Unpacking who Jesus is in the Bible and understaing the claims for Jesus to be Lord of all.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Gain the basic knowledge about who the Holy Spirit is, His role in the Trinity, and why is it important to know Him.

What does the Holy Spirit do?

What’s the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the significance it makes for us to live the Christian life victoriously?

What does a true Christian look like?

A Christian is not just a believer, but must grow to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ. Let’s study what does it mean to be Christian, and how it looks like when applied in real life.

How can I live the Christian life?

Following Jesus Christ is the greatest adventure in life. In this study, you’ll find a simple guide to help you grow and move forward with Jesus. We will tackle spiritual habits that one needs to develop in order to navigate life with Christ.

How can I grow more in my faith?

Go deeper to have a more robust understanding of Christianity, understand theology and apply Biblical principles in your daily life. We are here to support you and equip you for the road up ahead with homegrown trainings and carefully crafted materials from our Global Leadership Center (GLC). 

How can I protect my mind from lies?

One of the best ways in distinguishing truths from lies is by studing what is true so you would readily know what’s false. Memorizing verses not only help us know the truths that we need to live by, but it protects our minds from lies, and makes us ready in life.

How can I manage my life well?

In order to manage something well, we have to know what are our resources. This 4-part series will help us see what God has already placed in our bag, how to manage them well, and in the end, manage our lives well.

How can I succeed in what truly matters?

Almost everyone has a goal in life. Everyone wants to succeed, but not everyone succeeds with the right thing. Let’s discover God’s goal for us, and how we can succeed at what truly matters in life.

How can I have an in-depth understanding about the Bible?

As we grow more in the faith, we want to grow deeper in our understanding of the Bible. Find out special book studies that tackles the study of God’s word chapter-by-chapter and find joy in what God has to say, and how to apply it in our lives.

How can I properly present and defend God’s truth?

It is unavoidable that we will find people who contradict the truths about the Bible. Find out how you can respectfully present and make a defense of the gospel not by winning the argument, but by winning people to Christ.

How can I know more about Jesus and the Christian faith?

What are the basics of the Christian faith that every seeker (or skeptic) need to know about? Can we really trust in Jesus and believe His teachings? Find out what you need to know to make an informed decision about your faith through our GLC 1!

How can I share the good news and start my Dgroup?

Start leading others through life-on-life discipleship. Go through specialized training on how to better mentor, coach, and counsel your disciples toward spiritual maturity, while supporting them as they disciple others. 

Dare to Share?

How can we be most effective when we share the Gospel? Equip yourself at Dare to Share, an evangelism workshop hosting by the Global Leadership Center.

Dare to take it online?

In these unprecedented times, people are searching for hope. Jesus calls us to be the salt and light to these people. Share hope in the midst of CoVid-19 when you dare to share online.

How can I bring the gospel into everyday conversations?

How can we respond to the culture of our time, remain relevant, and bring in the gospel into every conversation? In this 2-part series, we’ll learn why conversations, not confrontations are the best way to bring the good news of the gospel into everyday life.

How can I reach out to the LGBTQ?

In our world where sexuality is diversified, His love still welcomes us. Discover what God’s love truly means and how the Gospel truly transforms people in this GLC Apologetics class featuring guest speaker Dr. Michael Brown.

How can I lead like Christ?

Not everyone might have had the privilege of learning from first-hand examples of what good leadership looks like, and you might be wondering how to be a good one. In this series, we’ll take lessons from the greatest Leader, Jesus Christ, and how he was able to lead effectively.

What makes a good leader?

What exactly typifies the characteristics of a good leader? We’ll explore uncommon traits that actually characterizes a person whom God is pleased to use in making an impact in the lives of others.

Are you ready to take your faith to the next level?

Discover the beauty of discipleship, God’s awesome plan for families, basic doctrines of the Christian faith, and the secret to a joyful life in spite of adversities and trials with GLC 2.

Tools you can use to share:

How can I have an honest conversation with others about Christ?

We often underestimate what impact an authentic and honest one-on-one conversation can have on another person. The world today needs true relationships and there may be someone around you that simply needs a true friend to talk to. What are you waiting for? Let’s have some Real Talk.

How can we be excellent in our workplace?

The principles in the Bible are all-encompassing and applies to every aspect of our lives, including our workplace. Let’s see what are the Biblical principles that would make us excel at work so we can be better witnesses of God’s truth in our lives.

Stress for Success

We are all stressed about something, big or small. The stress over worries reveals our desire to control things around us. Reality is, we can’t control everything. Discover the heart of the matter and learn to manage your STRESS FOR SUCCESS!

How can I help expand God’s Kingdom?

Be part of the movement as we expand God’s Kingdom in families, communities, and in nations. Participate in short-term mission trips, be mentored by the leaders of the movement, and take advantage of greater opportunities in building the church and winning people to Jesus.  

What is the heart of Jesus behind his leadership?

Leadership is what makes or breaks any kind of relationship. In His ministry, Jesus handled clashing personalities of the apostles. Let’s glean from the heart and core of Jesus’ leadership and see how he led the disciples in such a way that a handful of people were able to impact the world through Christ.

How can I restore broken relationships?

It would be an unavoidable fact of life for us to have or enter into broken relationships. Let’s see what God has to say as we navigate the tense waters of broken relationships and how in Christ we are called to restoring these relationships.

Do we have free will or is everything already set up for us?

Calvinism and Arminianism are two differing theological views, but what do these views really say?

Do I need to be involved in missions?

The mandate of Jesus Christ for His people is to make disciples. Let’s explore the context of this command, and how God wants us to see the global standpoint of what Jesus aims His church to do and fulfill before He comes back.

Are you ready to take the lead?

Do you want to dig in deep and really take the lead for Christ? Take a specialized training course for Dgroup Leaders to get equipped as a mentor, coach and counselor, learn to help others mature in the faith, and start multiplying Christ-committed followers who will make other Christ-committed followers. Gain a better understanding of CCF’s leadership culture through special learning modules designed and taught by CCF’s elders and lead pastors.

How can I become better equipped in Christian thinking and reasoning?

CCF in partnership with the leading global apologists of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) will have a special curriculum designed to help individuals become better equipped in Christian thinking and reasoning. Coming Soon!