#Worth It

    Change Makers

      IDC Anchored Sunday

        Victorious Living

          A True New Beginning

            Christmas Unwrapped

              Living The Full Life

                Who Is In Control?

                  Do Not Lose Heart

                    Winning the War Within

                      What’s the Real Solution?

                        What’s Our Real Problem?

                          Money: Good or Evil?

                            In God We Trust

                              Work Matters

                                True Love Wins

                                  Fit For Life

                                    Are You Living On Empty?


                                        Dare to be Different

                                          Life Detox

                                            It’s Not About You

                                              End Game

                                                A Father Like No Other


                                                    Live in Hope

                                                      No Regrets

                                                        The Love Series


                                                            Be Rooted

                                                              The Evidence of Truth


                                                                  Unstoppable God, Greatest Hope

                                                                    Can Fear and Blessing Co-exist?

                                                                      Songs of Promise

                                                                        Songs of Hope

                                                                          Songs in the Night

                                                                            Joy in the Crisis

                                                                              Kill Joys