Love: Rediscovered

    Unleash God’s Power, Pray!

      IDC 2024 Sunday Message

        God’s Blueprint For Your Life

          A Sure Hope

            Make Your Life Count

              What’s Wrong With Us?

                39th Anniversary Celebration

                  What’s Wrong With The World?

                    Worth It

                      Change Makers

                        IDC Anchored Sunday

                          Victorious Living

                            A True New Beginning

                              Christmas Unwrapped

                                Living the Full Life

                                  Who Is In Control?

                                    Do Not Lose Heart

                                      Winning the War Within

                                        What’s the Real Solution?

                                          What’s Our Real Problem?

                                            Money: Good or Evil?

                                              In God We Trust

                                                Work Matters

                                                  True Love Wins

                                                    Fit For Life

                                                      Are You Living On Empty?