Dear DMember, we are with you as you go further in your discipleship journey. Our hope is to see each one of us equipped and empowered to make Christ-committed followers who will make Christ-committed followers, through Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of God.


Got some questions about DGroups and how to start leading one? Check out this section to find out helpful and important information about small group discipleship.

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Training & Resources

Here our tools, resources, and important information that aims to help you grow in faith, and take steps to starting and leading your own DGroup.

Your leadership journey begins today!

Here are resources you can use when you start your own DGroup!

The new task of disciple-making is not without its challenges as you embark on a lifetime of fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission.

The CCF Leadership desires that all DGroup leaders will succeed as we heed God’s calling to make disciples. This material is THE STARTING LINE for the exciting disciple-making race that is set before us!

CCF Distinctives

What is Christ’s Commission Fellowship? Learn about what CCF is about, our mission, vision and core values.


Do you have the 6Hs of a healthy DGroup leader? Learn, evaluate and strengthen your leadership health with this video.

Leading a DGroup (Part 1 & 2)

A DGroup leader is always prepared and always has a teachable heart. Are you ready to start leading a group?

Leading a DGroup (Part 3)

Learn the responsibilities of every DGroup leader, how to appropriate discipline, and practice accountability.

FAQs by DGroup Leaders

We know you might have questions so we prepared answers based on Biblical principles to help you.

Commitment Card & CCF Mobile

Know more about the commitment card and the mobile app. Watch this video to know how to get them.

Welcome to GO VIRAL! It is the heart of Go Viral to see thousands and millions of committed Christians implementing a process through which God can produce rapid reproduction of small groups and house fellowships resulting in spiritual movement for His glory!

It is not about the numbers, but our love for those who don’t yet know Jesus.

It is but a sense of urgency (John 9:4) to work harder as unto God (Col 3:23) in obedience to His Commission (Matt 28:19-20) regardless of season of life. (2 Tim 4:2)

At the heart of what we do here is glorifying God.

Start your Go Viral Journey today.

Together, your DGroup can win your families to Christ!

Phase 2 – Nov 6, 13, & 20 (2pm to 5:30pm)
Registration deadline Oct 31 11:59 PM

Phase 3 – Nov 13, 20, & 27 (6:30 to 10pm)
Registration deadline Nov 7 11:59 PM

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a DGroup leader?

The beauty behind being a DGroup leader is that it pushes me to live outside of my comfort zone. It teaches me to love beyond my capabilities. Being a DGroup leader isn’t a walk in the park, it’s not easy. I have struggled with it. It is like a mirror that exposes my not so good traits. It is like a peeler that painfully scrapes off my pride, and it has made me realize that discipleship isn’t about me, it is about Christ.

If you feel that you can’t do it, I felt that too. But don’t worry, He gives us strength, courage and wisdom to obey His command to make disciples. Let’s trust Jesus on this. Discipleship is good for us.

Venus Raj

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To be a DGroup leader is such a big privilege for me. It means that I can help in sharing the love and hope that only Jesus Christ can provide. I am so grateful to be part of the lives of the ladies I disciple, I see how they in return share the goodness of Jesus to other people. Looking back, I never thought I’d be able to be a DGroup leader as I am very shy but God is faithful, all He really needs is our obedient heart and He will do the rest, praise God I am now discipling 20 ladies who are also discipling other ladies. All glory and honor to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Amanda Del Carmen

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Being a DGroup leader isn't just a responsibility--it's also a blessing! One of the joys in leading young disciples, as a student myself, is to see how God works in the lives of my disciples regardless of their age and backgrounds. Though the fear of inexperience can be a challenge, I'm always reminded by God's grace that I don't lead by my own credit, but by my faith in how God can lead me. In the end, being a discipler isn't about how influential and capable you are; it's a testament for how God-dependent you can be.

Samuel Noel

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Discipling others has been a challenging but undeniably fulfilling ministry. I am able to live out the Great Commission and walk with others in life — it's like having a front row seat in the lives of the men and the couples that are under my discipleship groups and networks! I thank the Lord for the gracious opportunity given to me to lead others by His Word, through life on life discipleship!

Paul de Vera

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Here are other tools and resources you can access for your discipleship journey

Small Groups App

Plug your DGroup, invite new members, and see your generational downlines through this app.

Right Now Media

Need materials for your small group sessions? Watch videos and download handouts.

Exclusive for Commitment Card holders


Weekly facilitation guides for a deeper study on our Sunday messages.

The following resources will also be available once you’re a DGroup Leader

DGroup Leaders Response Line

Concerns that are beyond your knowledge as a DGL? We can help you.

DGroup Leaders Corner

A resource library made especially for DGroup leaders to help in their leadership journey.

DGroup Leaders Assembly

A quarterly gathering for DLeaders to re-align and learn insights from our church leaders.


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