Give FAQs

Why give?


Giving is an act of obedience, trust, and worship in God.


As committed followers of Christ, we believe giving is a privilege. It is part of honoring and worshipping God in response to His amazing grace and the indescribable gift of His Son, Jesus.


We know that all we have comes from Him. He is our ultimate provider. When we give a portion of God’s provision back to Him, we thank Him for entrusting us with these things. At the same time, our giving allows us to be a blessing to others.


We give to CCF because through this church body, we are spiritually nourished and are able to grow in Christlikeness. We entrust our gift to our godly leaders, trusting that the Lord will guide them in using these resources to meet the needs of God’s people and to further His work in the lives of countless others for God’s glory.


2 Corinthians 9:7, encourages us to give voluntarily, sacrificially, generously, and with a cheerful heart.


‘Let each one give as he has made up his own mind and purposed in his heart, not reluctantly or sorrowfully or under compulsion, for God loves a giver whose heart is in his giving.’


Note: If you’re struggling financially or are in debt, we encourage you to express generosity in a non-financial way by serving in the church, praying for church leaders and workers, or being generous with your time towards others.


What is the best way to give to CCF?


We are grateful for each gift no matter what the amount or how it is made. However, if you’re a part of CCF and are in a position to give financially, we would love for you to consider setting up a regular, monthly gift. Regular giving is crucial for us as it enables us to plan impactful, long-term projects and reach as many people as possible with the love of Jesus.


Aside from using this website for your online giving, you may give through the following platforms:



Make sure to indicate which CCF local or international satellite you are giving to.


Can I give via cheque?


Yes! You can either drop it in the tithe boxes in your respective satellite or in CCF Main, or make an over-the-counter deposit to your bank of account. The bank account of your satellite can be viewed by:


  • Clicking the Bank Transfer/Deposit button at
  • Go to Step 2 and select your satellite. The bank details will be displayed for your reference.


Please make the cheque payable to “Christ’s Commission Foundation, Inc.” or “Christ’s Commission Foundation Ministries, Inc.”


How will my gift be used?


CCF’s priority is to further God’s kingdom through evangelism and discipleship. This is the priority for all the gifts we receive, and everything we do together as a church is only possible because of your giving. Your gift supports the CCF church workers, operational functions (satellite overheads, Sunday services), and ministries (NXTGen, ELEVATE, B1G, WOW, GLC).


With your gift, we are also able to support outreach projects (e.g., UPLIFT, Tulong Tayo, Medical Missions) for those in need.


To which CCF church should I give?


If you have been with CCF prior to the pandemic, we encourage you to give to the CCF church or satellite where you would attend face-to-face worship services. If you have joined CCF recently through the invitation of a family member, relative or friend, you may ask them which satellite they belong to and consider giving to that satellite as well. If you joined CCF on your own, you can prayerfully decide to give to CCF Main, or perhaps to the nearest CCF satellite that you will be able to visit once face-to-face worship services resume.


Instruction on where to send your tithes will be shown upon clicking your preferred mode of payment here:


For Bills Payment, you may watch the tutorials below:



A reference of the bank accounts can be viewed by:


  • Clicking the Bank Transfer/Deposit button at
  • Go to Step 2 and select your satellite. The bank details will be displayed for your reference


How do I set up a monthly recurring gift to CCF?


You can set up a regular gift by setting up a recurring payment through the following:


  • Bills Payment: Bank of the Philippine Island, Security Bank, Banco de Oro, Metrobank, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Union Bank
  • Via bank transfer through your mobile bank apps
  • Via the ATM/debit/credit card transaction page
    1. Fill out details in step 1
    2. Select frequency of recurring payment in step 2
    3. If you want an official receipt, tick the box on step 3
    4. Confirm credit card and payment details
    5. Enter authentication code
    6. Your receipt will be shown upon successful processing.
    7. You will also receive an email confirmation of your transaction summary.

    To cancel or update the recurring payment, email us at [email protected] and provide the information listed below
    Order number:
    Request details: (cancel/update/change information, etc.)


A reference of the bank accounts can be viewed by:


  • Clicking the Bank Transfer/Deposit button at
  • Go to Step 2 and select your satellite. The bank details will be displayed for your reference.


Can I use my donation to avail of 100% Tax deduction?


Business entities can avail a 100% tax deduction by donating to Christ’s Commission Foundation Ministries, Inc. (CCFMI)


Please send an email to [email protected] and provide your business name, address and TIN for the issuance of the Certificate of Donation


How can I get a copy of my Official Receipt?


You can request for a copy of your OR through any of the following channels:


  • If you are giving via check, bank deposit, tithe box, and bills payment, send a screen shot of your proof of deposit/online transaction to [email protected]
  • For ATM/debit/credit card, bank transfers (via bank apps) and other payment channels (Gcash, PayMaya, etc…),


How can I get help with concerns regarding my giving?


You can send an e-mail to [email protected] or use the chatbox in our GIVE website


What do I do if I’m approached by someone who claims to be raising funds on behalf of CCF?


Beware of individuals who directly approach you and solicit funds on behalf of CCF. We advise you to immediately call any of our contact persons below to verify if that person is authorized to raise funds on behalf of CCF.

Leonora Caole

[email protected]

Mobile # 09992299761

Jonalyn Bambe

[email protected]

Mobile # 09088906899