Starting and breaking your fast

It is important for you to start and end your
fast gradually. Start cutting down on your
food intake, especially those with caffeine
(coffee, tea, softdrinks) days before you fast.
More importantly, pray in advance for God to
sustain you physically, mentally, and
spiritually during your fast. For the first few
meals after your fast, do not immediately go
back to your normal food intake. Taking soft
food in moderate amounts is best to allow
your body to adjust and get back to its
normal digestion.


While there are benefits in fasting, some should not fast without professional medical supervision. For example:

  • Persons who are physically too thin
  • Persons who are prone to eating disorders
  • Those who suffer from weakness or anemia
  • Persons who have been diagnosed with certain ailments that require continuous nutrition
  • Pregnant and nursing women
  • People taking prescription medication

Consult your doctor before you begin your fast.
Be aware that some doctors may not have been
trained in this area so their understanding of it may be