It’s a physical reminder of your commitment to:

The Lordship of Jesus Christ and

The Cause of Christ: Discipleship

God wants our total commitment and complete devotion.

Total commitment means that Jesus Christ is Lord in every area of our lives.

He also desires our complete devotion towards his purpose
and our mission to share the gospel and make disciples.

To serve as a reminder of our commitment, we have the CCF Commitment Card.

The CCF Commitment Card will also be used to:

Avail of Pastoral Care services

Pastoral Care Services




Access Training Materials

Register for CCF Events

Access Dleaders Response Line

And once we reopen our doors, you’ll enjoy:

Hassle-free entry

to common CCF areas

Access to

CCF Center gym



Here’s how you can register!


Click “REGISTER HERE” or visit
and login to your CCF Small Groups account.


Go to “Profile“, upload a picture and connect to your DGroup.

Update your profile picture with

1×1 photo in white background


After the profile picture and DGroup connection is verified,
click the Apply for CCF Commitment Card button.


Once your application is approved, you may view your
CCF Commitment Card Number on the digital card shown on your profile.