Leading a discipleship group is far from being a walk in
the park. It is one of the Christian’s lifelong roles that
cannot be carried out apart from God’s grace, and
requires compassion, intentionality in all aspects, and full
dependence on Him, among others.

This space is created to assist you, answer your
questions about the church, and support you as you lead
Christ-committed followers to becoming more like Christ.


March 2021

NCP Leadership Conference Q&A

We would like to let you in on some helpful and fruitful discussions coming from the NCP Leadership Conference held last March 19 & 20, 2021

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The world needs disciplers that are
not only intentional but are ready
for the new/next normal. Let us
help you through these materials.

If you need help, want to raise certain
concerns or issues, you can get in touch with
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Learn about the official positions
and stands of CCF on different
topics and issues that affect the