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CCF’s Mission has always been grounded on Matthew 28:19-20, “to make disciples of all nations”.

Some of the most important strategies that we have discovered in making and multiplying disciples are church planting, forming small discipleship groups, and focusing on families and on education. These are some of the reasons why we have put up CCF Life Academy International, a world-class educational center that has International Baccalaureate (IB) Accreditation.

The new 20-storey facility (CCF Leadership Training Center) will not only expand the capacity of CCF Life Academy, but will also be used to train both youth and adults to fulfill God’s mission in transforming lives throughout the Philippines, Asia, and the world. Education and leadership training will not only impact this generation but future generations to come, reaping eternal dividends for the glory of God.

We must remember that CCF is not about building monuments, but building and discipling young men and women into becoming Christ-like influencers and leaders in society.

We strongly believe that if you reach the youth today and disciple them properly, they will become the future leaders of society.

Soon, graduates of Life Academy and other schools can pursue higher education within an exclusive 3.8 hectare green and sprawling campus. Strategically located along C5, across from CCF Center, Life International University will offer world-class undergraduate and graduate programs, with emphasis not just in academic excellence, but also in character development, spiritual formation, knowledge of the Bible, and servant leadership.