Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Explore Experience necessary for me to join a Discipleship group?

The EXPLORE experience is only a one-time session that will help you discover the basics of the Christian faith. It is for people who are new to Christ’s Commission Fellowship and/or are not yet part of a Small Group (which we refer to as Discipleship Groups or “DGroups.”) In this session you will know that CCF is about, as well as the Discipleship Journey you can embark on.

2. Do I have to attend the Explore Experience with my Discipleship group?

Since it is only a one-time session, you may want to do it as an activity of your Discipleship Group. It will be helpful for all of you to know what the Explore Experience is about.

3. Do I still have to attend the Explore Experience if I have finished GLC 1 and 2 classes?

The EXPLORE EXPERIENCE session is designed for people who are new to Christ’s Commission Fellowship and/or are not yet part of a DGroup. It presents the basic of the Christian faith and what CCF and our Discipleship Journey are about. You may not need to attend the Explore Experience, but you may find it helpful to see what it’s like.

4. How is the Discipleship Journey different from Go Viral and Real Talk?

Go Viral Training is a process for multiplying small groups which, in some cases, will lead to the formation of house fellowships (CCF will say more about house fellowships soon.) If you desire to start your own group, or grow your existing one further, we recommend you attend this training. Real Talk, on the other hand, is a GLC booklet you can use to share the Gospel and teach people the basics of faith. It is a short version of GLC book 1.

5. What will I do if my DGroup members are in different stages of the Discipleship Journey?

Encourage your DGroup members to individually take up the GLC training they need for the stage they are in. Your DGroup meetings can then be used for fellowship, prayer, accountability, ministry work together. GLC training is available via in-person classes, Zoom classes, and individual online (Moodle) lessons. You can also take GLC in your DGroup if you can all agree on a common starting point. If your members are in different GLC levels, ask your Timothies (potential leaders) to facilitate discussions with those in the earlier levels.

6. How can my DGroup members catch up if they are not consistent in attending GLC classes in the Discipleship Journey?

As a DGroup leaders, help them be aware of the different GLC training platforms that they can take depending on their availability and learning preferences (see #2). Emphasize the benefits of completing their GLC training in a timely manner to be equipped servants of Christ.

7. What role do other ministries play in the discipleship journey?

Our ministries in CCF are all aligned towards fulfilling the CCF mission and vision, that is, to make Christ-committed followers who will make Christ-committed followers. Hence, in their own context, each ministry activity aims to lead people to Christ and place them in DGroups so they can take the Discipleship Journey together.