[big_title bigtitle_content=”SKYPLESHIP” aligncenter=”enable”][maxtitle type=”2″ maxtitle_content=”FIND COMMUNITY ONLINE”][p]Sometimes you can have a difficult time trying to meet in small groups. Maybe you live or work abroad. Maybe you live and work too far away from the nearest small group. Maybe your schedule doesn’t align with the people nearby. Or maybe you just can’t leave your home at all. It can be very frustrating.[/p][p]We understand. That’s why there’s Skypleship. Through Skypleship, you can meet regularly with small groups online to study God’s Word, to fellowship with and to pray for fellow believers, and to provide mutual support and accountability.[/p][distance type=”5″]
[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”WANT TO JOIN?”][p]Sign up now! Connect with us and you’ll be on your way to experiencing community online! Once you submit this form, you are ready to proceed and be placed in a Skypleship group.[/p][distance]